Here, at Drive A Dream, we take great pride in the vehicles that we offer for sale, and we work hard to provide you with the highest quality vehicles while still achieving the best value that your money can buy in the pre-owned vehicle market.

Our relentless pursuit to bring you the best value that a pre-owned vehicle can offer has led us to specialize in vehicles that are manufacture buybacks.

What is a Manufacture Buyback?

Buyback vehicles are most commonly known as vehicles repurchased by the manufacturer due to an issue, defect, back-ordered replacement part or merely a complaint.
In some instances, a goodwill buyback can be processed merely for the satisfaction of a customer. Some states have consumer-friendly laws that allow such buybacks to take place, even in situations where the vehicle has met manufacture standard specifications, and no problems exist. Another example, which mostly applies to imported vehicles, occurs when a back-ordered part needs to be shipped in from countries like Germany, under circumstances where the replacement part may take an extended period of time to arrive, which often results in the vehicle being repurchased by the manufacturer.
In other instances, we have found that consumers take advantage of the laws by using them in their favor to get a higher payout than what they might get by trading in the vehicle at a dealership.

In the event that an actual problem is found when a vehicle is bought back, the manufacturer is held responsible for making any necessary repairs prior to the resale of the vehicle. Manufacturers often repurchase these vehicles from their owners under the "Lemon Law." The vehicles continue to carry the remaining balance of the factory warranty coverage which remains fully intact, unlike salvaged or rebuilt vehicles where the factory warranty is void. As a matter of fact, most vehicles that are bought back also carry an additional 1-year limited warranty on concerns relating to the buyback even if the original factory warranty has expired. It is common practice for vehicles that have been bought back to have documents that specify the reason for the buyback. These documents will often include disclosure statements to acknowledge the next owner of the vehicle's specific past concern and detail any repairs that have been made. Buyback vehicles will often carry a brand on the title that reflects it as a Manufacturer Buyback or Lemon Law Buyback in accordance with the state's applicable laws. A history report from Carfax will indicate the same details as the title.

Our view on the buyback vehicles we offer for sale:
For many years, our customers have seen great value in the buyback vehicles we offer, and we strongly believe these vehicles to be an excellent value to all our future customers. We recommend and offer all our customers an opportunity to have their vehicle of choice inspected prior to purchase. Keep in mind, the majority of our vehicles are covered under warranty.

We stand behind the vehicles we sell and would even be willing to purchase our vehicles back from our customers even if they decide they don't want to purchase their next vehicle from us *(Restrictions Apply). We would strongly urge anyone who would like to buy a high-quality vehicle at thousands of dollars in savings to consider a Manufacture Buyback with the same confidence that we have in them. 

Our Manufacturer Buyback models: They have a whole new life ahead of them

A Manufacturer Buyback model represents a unique opportunity for you to get a great price on a quality car, truck or SUV that was repurchased by the manufacturer. These vehicles were bought back as a gesture of goodwill when a customer found an issue that was unacceptable. The good news is that the issue has been fixed. The even better news is that the price is reduced significantly so it can be an unusually good deal.

Most of our Manufacturer Buyback models come with a warranty

At Drive a Dream in Marietta GA, we believe Manufacturer Buyback vehicles are such a good value, we've made a specialty of offering them to our many wonderful customers. Because we understand that our customers want to be reassured they're not just buying someone else's unresolved problems, we're happy to report that most of these vehicles are so new, they still come with the remainder of the original new vehicle warranty.

In many cases, you get more than one warranty

In addition to the remaining new vehicle warranty, most vehicles in our Manufacturers Buyback program have a one-year limited warranty covering whatever concerns prompted the buyback in the first place. That extra warranty is in effect even if the original new vehicle warranty has expired. Our Manufacturer Buyback vehicles were quality models to begin with or we wouldn't offer them - and the warranty provides extra protection.

Every car's issues are resolved before we sell it: The law requires it and so do we

Most commonly, a vehicle that's been bought back by the manufacturer has documents that spell out the reason for the buyback. Documents typically include disclosure statements that explain the original owner's past concerns and provide detail on whatever repairs have been made. These vehicles get repaired in accordance with state law and frankly, you'd never see this vehicle if we weren't fully confident in the repairs that were done.

This is not like buying a salvaged or rebuilt vehicle: You usually get a warranty

You've probably heard about salvage vehicles that have been totaled and rebuilt. But it's hard to know whether the underlying problems were fixed properly. What's specially disappointing about these vehicles is that the salvage or rebuilt status nullifies any warranty and that's a major reason we don't touch those vehicles. Our manufacturer buyback models definitely aren't salvage models: Most come with a warranty.

What kinds of issues have these cars had?

Sometimes a Manufacturers Buyback vehicle is one that was repurchased because of an an actual defect or a malfunction in the operation of the car. Sometimes a part was needed to fix the problem and because of supply challenges, the repair would have taken longer than the owner found acceptable. In some cases, it's a complaint that wasn't confirmed but the manufacturer repurchases the vehicle anyway as a gesture of goodwill.

Why we believe in buyback vehicles and why you should consider them

At Drive a Dream, we have a lot of experience in seeing our customers drive home in a Manufacturers Buyback model and be very satisfied, both with the price and the quality of the car. These vehicles have been repaired as needed, thoroughly inspected and most are covered by one or more warranties. Ask us for complete details and find out more about our Manufacturers Buyback models at Drive a Dream in Marietta GA.